[Mongrel] MogileFS handler

Philippe Jayet hip at lan-attack.ch
Thu Nov 2 07:50:11 EST 2006


> There is a mogile-fs client from robotcoop
> http://dev.robotcoop.com/Libraries/mogilefs/index.html
> that can be easily integrated with your Rails app.

I'll definitely be using this library in my application. But I need some
way to serve the MogileFS files (mainly images and audio files) and I
don't want to use Rails for this. All the overhead is unnecessary.

To serve the MogileFS files, Robot Co-op are using their
webrick-high-performance server with a servlet for accessing MogileFS
(through their mogilefs-client library). I think it would be easier in
my setup to use Mongrel for this task.

By the way, my setup is : Apache 2.2 load balancing requests to
Mongrel/Rails. Another option would be to use Apache to serve the
MogileFS files.

Thanks for your help,


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