[Mongrel] Rails and Mongrel

Jonas Tehler jegt at titanian.se
Tue Mar 28 11:17:24 EST 2006


OK. So the talk about making YARV threadsafe will make the situation  

/ Jonas

On 28 mar 2006, at 18.06, Zed Shaw wrote:

> Hi Jonas,
> Yes, this is a MAJOR bottleneck, but it isn't entirely all Rails'  
> fault.  A
> lot of it has to do with how the Ruby interpreter does not thread  
> protect
> it's own dynamic class loading or quite a bit of the eval stuff  
> that Rails
> uses.  The other part is that Rails was developed mostly assuming  
> that it's
> running like a CGI, so threads just weren't an issue there.
> This bites people in a couple of ways such as opening files and not  
> closing
> them, spawning external programs and not waiting for them, opening  
> sockets
> and not closing them, etc.  It also makes Rails slower than it  
> needs to be
> since there has to be this giant sync lock around the world.
> I have had a proposal or two to investigate various forking methods to
> improve things, but most of my experiments haven't been too  
> useful.  The
> best options seems to just create a bunch of Rails processors and  
> then have
> a fronting web server or load balancer farm out the requests.   
> Thankfully
> Mongrel makes this pretty easy to do and it's a standard best  
> practice with
> any of the dynamic languages out there.
> Hope that helps explain the situation.
> Zed
> On 3/28/06 10:30 AM, "Jonas Tehler" <jegt at titanian.se> wrote:
>> Hi
>> I have some questions regarding threads in Mongrel and Rails.
>> According to the FAQ:
>> "Ruby on Rails is not thread safe so there is a synchronized block
>> around the calls to Dispatcher.dispatch. This means that everything
>> is threaded right before and right after Rails runs. While Rails is
>> running there is only one controller in operation at a time."
>> Isn't this  going  to be a MAJOR bottleneck for most Rails apps? Or
>> am I missing something?
>> As I understand it a request comes is and gets routed to a controller
>> which talks to the database (which takes up most of the time of the
>> request) and no other request will be processed by rails until the
>> database query is done and the result rendered and sent back to  
>> Mongrel?
>> If this is the case, is there any work being done on making Rails
>> threadsafe? I have tried to look for any info on this but haven't
>> found any.
>> / Jonas
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