[Mongrel] when to use mongrail plugins ?

Roberto Saccon rsaccon at gmail.com
Tue Mar 14 19:25:56 EST 2006

Hi all

I just went throught the docomentation of mogrel and I am wondering wht the
plugins are good for. I understood how the work and I am comparing the
situation to Lighttpd where mods are available for specific tasks. But in
Lighttpd (or apache) those mods are running at native speed. But at mongrel,
if the plugins are writte in ruby, couldn't that code just be a rails plugin

One thing I would like to have  is a sophisticated upload handler, which
stops upload if a preconfigured max. filesize gets reached. Ist that a
problem which could be solved with a mongrel plugin ?

Roberto Saccon - http://rsaccon.com
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