[Mongrel] [ANN] mongrel_cluster 0.2.0 -- Mongrel 0.3.13 Compliant

Zed Shaw zedshaw at zedshaw.com
Mon Jun 19 16:39:39 EDT 2006

Bradley couldn't make it so I'm filling in for him.

This is a short announcement to tell everyone using the mongrel_cluster
gem to manage their Mongrels that there's a new official version out.
Version 0.2.0 is sporting the following features:

* Added support for specifying user to run
* Added script, mongrel_cluster_ctl for starting/stopping all clusters on a server.
* Added example init.d script in gem_path/resources
* Changed license to LGPL

You should update your RubyGem with:

  gem update

Or, reinstall with:

  gem uninstall mongrel_cluster
  gem install mongrel_cluster

The mongrel_cluster instructions have been updated:


Try it out and send me your results.

Zed A. Shaw

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