[Mongrel] [slightly OT] Apache 2.2.2 proxy config

Tom Brice tom at onidle.com
Sun Jun 18 11:16:04 EDT 2006

On 6/18/06 12:01 AM, Zed Shaw  wrote:

> Ok, I can test this out, but first I need:
> * Version of apache.
> * Version of Mongrel (you got 0.3.13 right?)
> * How are you doing the upload?  Maybe a simple controller code and form
> snippet.
Apache 2.2.2
mongrel (0.3.13)
The upload is a little tricky.  I'm using a plugin that does it via a hidden
iframe so that I can have an upload form on the same page as an edit form
(its a CMS-y type application).  This certainly complicates things.

I will try to get a simplified app running that exhibits the same behaviour
and send the pertinent bits to you. Might take a day or two.  Other
> There's new upload code in the 0.3.13 version of mongrel, but you're the
> first to complain.  And you say it's only with safari right?

I have only done extensive testing with Safari 2 (Tiger), but it did seem to
hang with Firefox 1.5 (Mac) too.  I can try to get a Windows machine to test
(don't have a fancy intel mac available).

After changing KeepAlive to fix this I assumed that this was an Apache thing
and not really related to Mongrel.  So this may be Mongrel not releasing the


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