[Mongrel] [slightly OT] Apache 2.2.2 proxy config

Tom Brice tom at onidle.com
Sat Jun 17 22:18:06 EDT 2006

Apologies, this may be off-topic.

I've been wrestling with upload issues and Apache 2.2.2 /
mod_proxy_balanacer / mongrel_cluster / Mongrel on Mac OS X Server 10.4.5.
Typically the first upload would be fine but the next would make the mongrel
instance remain running (ps state = "R") essentially locking up that
instance.  Apache would then eventually do:
[Fri Jun 16 16:45:54 2006] [error] ap_proxy_connect_backend disabling worker
for (mydomain.com)
[Fri Jun 16 16:45:54 2006] [error] proxy: HTTP: disabled connection for

Requiring me to kill -9 the locked mongrel to get it to die.  I'm testing on
Safari under OS X 10.4 and my user base is 90%+ Safari (it's an intranet).
I finally started the mongrels with debugging on and that made me remember
the same issue with Apache/FastCGI and Lighttpd.  So for Apache with FastCGI
this [1] is offered:

FastCgiServer /var/web/typo/public/dispatch.fcgi -idle-timeout 120 \
       -initial-env RAILS_ENV=production -processes 2

And this for lighttpd:

# Making sure file uploads above 64k always work when using IE or Safari
# For more information, see http://trac.lighttpd.net/trac/ticket/360
$HTTP["useragent"] =~ "^(.*MSIE.*)|(.*AppleWebKit.*)$" {
  server.max-keep-alive-requests = 0

I'm using Brady's recipe [2] for my virtual host. So I tried adding:

KeepAlive Off

to the top of it.  Apache squaks in my error_log:

[Sat Jun 17 16:47:46 2006] [crit] (70023)This function has not been
implemented on this platform: DBD: failed to initialise

About 15 times, but the server remains up.  And uploads work.

The error_log entry above make me think that my fix is not kosher.  Googling
seems to indicate that "KeepAlive Off" can slow things down marginally, but
if it fixes it I don't really care.

Is there another, better way to do this in my Apache conf?



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