[Mongrel] Win32 issues with 0.3.13

Eric Lund etlund at gmail.com
Sat Jun 17 18:39:33 EDT 2006

I have just a few observations to report about the new version of Mongrel
(0.3.13) on Win32.
1. When installing a new service, I have to use -N instead of -n to set the
name of my app.  The help file (-h option) has this right but the examples
and such on the website all use -n.
2. The website documentation on the Win32 howto lists service::delete as a
command but it should be service::remove
3. When installing my app as a service, I have to point to the \public
directory in order for everything (scripts and stylesheets) to work right:
      mongrel_rails service::install -N myapp -r c:\path\to\myapp\public -p
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