[Mongrel] Comet/Continuations/Armeggedon

Daniel Burkes dburkes at infoteria.com
Tue Jun 6 22:47:54 EDT 2006

> I think a Mongrel Gem Plugin would be a much better fit.  Zed has done
> a great job of making it easily extensible.  Josh Ferguson released a
> secure download plugin
> (http://rubyforge.org/projects/msecuredownload/) for mongrel.   I also
> added you to the mongrel upload progress backpack page
> (http://technoweenie.backpackit.com/pub/602283) that I've set up.  The
> code isn't *quite* ready so I have not set up a rubyforge project yet.

Thanks- I'll take a look at the Mongrel Gem Plugin APIs and see if  
they would be sufficient to serve Comet apps.  Essentially what we  
need to be able to do is hold a socket open while releasing it's  
associated thread back to the pool handling incoming connections.   
Based on your knowledge of Mongrel Gem Plugins et al, do you know if  
this is possible?  Do you have access to the worker threads and  
sockets at THAT low of a level?

Best Regards,


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