[Mongrel] Gem versioning and auto installs

Neil Wilson neil at aldur.co.uk
Sun Jun 4 03:29:33 EDT 2006

Full specification gets  remarkably unmanageable when you decide to change
something. Having tried it both ways the design decision I took was to stick
to specifying the major software items as lightly as possible and let the
machines deal with pulling in the rest. Otherwise your list of modules is
four foot long and you end up being unable to see the wood for the trees.

My goal is automation with flexibility. What gets in the way is tools that
assume there is a human sat at a terminal or, worse, clicking with a mouse.
gem is at fault here, not mongrel but nobody seems to be fixing gem at the
moment - the patches to fix the platform problem are already in the gem

On 04/06/06, James Moore <banshee at banshee.com> wrote:
> > Tried that - local gem install doesn't handle dependencies automatically
> Is that much of an issue for deployment, though?  Seems like you want to
> know precisely what's installed on production servers, and having
> dependencies resolved for you isn't quite so much of an issue.
> - James Moore
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