[Mongrel] Getting /etc/mongrel_cluster and startup script to work?

Alison Rowland alisonrowland at fastmail.fm
Thu Jun 1 10:09:55 EDT 2006

Austin Godber wrote:
> Hmm ... take a look at your init script ... I bet it can't find
> mongrel_cluster_ctl because its in /usr/local/bin ... try changing
> this:
> CONF_DIR=/etc/mongrel_cluster
> to this:
> CONF_DIR=/etc/mongrel_cluster
> PATH=/usr/local/bin:$PATH
Okay, solved it! mongrel_cluster_ctl is actually in /usr/bin on my 
machine, so the path wasn't the problem. The actual problem was the 
shebang line, which read like this:

#!/usr/bin/env ruby

But on bootup (thanks to my hosting provider's tech support guy for 
tipping me off on this), it was throwing this error:

/usr/bin/env: ruby: No such file or directory

Apparently, ruby is in the env for my logged-in user, but not for the 
machine at bootup time, so a quick change to the shebang line to make it 
#!/usr/bin/ruby1.8, and I've got mongrel starting up on reboot. I've 
still gotta figure out how to fix my env, but I guess that's another issue.

Thanks again for your help.


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