[Mongrel] mongrel_cluster rc.d script for FreeBSD

Andrew Bennett potatosaladx at gmail.com
Fri Jul 28 16:04:46 EDT 2006

I wanted to be able to specify in my /etc/rc.conf file whether
mongrel_cluster should be enabled and the mongrel_cluster_config file
for the init script, so I wrote this simple rc.d style script.

Just throw it in /usr/local/etc/rc.d/ and do a chmod +x

To enable the script, add mongrel_cluster_enable="YES" to /etc/rc.conf
and optionally add mongrel_cluster_config="/etc/mongrel_cluster"

The default config path is /usr/local/etc/mongrel_cluster

Would be nice if mongrel_cluster_ctl had some sort of "status" switch
to see if the servers are actually running and what their pids are.

Andrew Bennett
potatosaladx at gmail.com
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