[Mongrel] win32 service rocks!

Luis Lavena luislavena at gmail.com
Wed Feb 22 12:47:44 EST 2006

Ok, I'm used to first to a update before my commit, got your changes
before I made mines :-)

> > Still wanted to get it working right, but more feedback should hepl
> > this, so a release is good.
> >
> I just released!  I've tested it out and it's hot.  I'll be writing docs for
> the site next and then the e-mail goes out.
> People have been testing it like crazy for me so it should be pretty good.

Hehe, I also wanted feedback! is not fair that you get all the ppl
testing and don't inform me! ;-)

> >
> >> I took the time to do a win32-service gem which I think I'll put up on the
> >> mongrel site so people can just gem install and go.  All works great so far.
> >>
> >

Good, we should inform the win32utils guys of this, so no problem araises.

> >>
> > Only bin/mongrel_rails_service should be linked as executable, the
> > _svc only will be used internally to fire it up (and cannot be fired
> > from a batch file).
> >
> I just kept it consistent, otherwise the gem system won't include both
> scripts.  I modified the source for this.

Consistent? we need to add to line #38 of Rakefile (the scripts part)
only the "mongrel_rails_service"



scripts=['mongrel_rails', 'mongrel_rails_service']

A note: inside _svc still resides the SimpleHandler code (which I was
using to test the graceful shutdown).

Later we should remove it when every bug was ironed...

Ok, doing the Rakefile modification :-)


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