[Mongrel] Error : No protocol handler was valid for the URL...

Wouf woufdraft at gmail.com
Sat Dec 30 18:41:00 EST 2006

I succeed with your type of configuration, thanks.

Charles Brian Quinn a écrit :
> What happens if you put an index.html file in public and try to access that:
> http://demo.site.com/index.html
> or, since you've got the maintencence.html rewrite rule, put a
> maintenence.html file in the system dir and see if it automatically
> loads that....
> Could you try this conf instead:
> <VirtualHost *:80>
>     ServerName myapp.com
>     ProxyPass / http://www.myapp.com:8000/
>     ProxyPassReverse / http://www.myapp.com:8000
>     ProxyPreserveHost on
>   </VirtualHost>
> with a mongrel listening on 8000 (you may have to use localhost if
> you've only bound your mongrel to in the configuration).
> if that works, like Zed, says, start to add back your balancer and the
> rewrite rules and increase the complexity and see what happens....
> if that apache install coexists with the 2.054, it could be reading
> that one's doc root and skipping over yours.  where's your .conf file
> for that app, and where does it get loaded, starting from, say
> httpd.conf.  For example, /etc/httpd.conf loads vhosts.d/mysite.conf ,
> etc....
> good luck,

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