[Mongrel] Mongrel fails in Win32, mongrel_service missing, with possible fix

Joey Geiger jgeiger at gmail.com
Thu Dec 28 18:06:25 EST 2006

I just ran into an issue with a new mongrel install on Win32. When
trying to run mongrel from RadRails 0.7.2 on win32, I got an error
while loading that it couldn't locate mongrel_service.

`gem_original_require': no such file to load --

My install command/output is below.
D:\download>gem install mongrel_service
Select which gem to install for your platform (i386-mswin32)
 1. mongrel_service 0.3.1 (mswin32)
 2. Cancel installation
> 1
Successfully installed mongrel_service-0.3.1-mswin32
Installing ri documentation for mongrel_service-0.3.1-mswin32...
Installing RDoc documentation for mongrel_service-0.3.1-mswin32...

If I go into the gems directory and rename
mongrel_service-0.3.1-mswin32 to mongrel_service-0.3.1 mongrel will
properly load.

Just FYI.

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