[Mongrel] What I Want For Christmas

Michael D'Auria michael.dauria at gmail.com
Mon Dec 25 02:10:36 EST 2006

How could i not recommend the creator on Mongrel? :)

On 12/25/06, Zed A. Shaw <zedshaw at zedshaw.com> wrote:
> Calling All Mongrel Minions!
> I wanna have some fun and would like this as a Christmas present.  The
> site http://www.workingwithrails.com/ has this lame popularity system
> that's kind of irking some of the main Ruby contributors.  I think it's kind
> of funny, but would like to demonstrate what an army of motivated people can
> do to these kinds of popularity contests.
> So, as a present to me, I'd love for everyone to go vote for me on the
> site.  If you can, use fictional or historical characters for your profiles
> to add to the chaos.  The goal is to put me so far ahead of everyone else
> that they have to reset the system.  It's a Chaos Christmas Calamity!
> You can recommend me by just clicking:
> http://www.workingwithrails.com/recommendation/new/person/5455-zed-shaw
> Or, do it by going to:
> http://www.workingwithrails.com/person/5455-zed-shaw
> And clicking the difficult to read link in the gray box that says you like
> me (you really like me!)
> To sweeten the deal, I'll take all the people who contribute to the mayhem
> and put them into a lottery to receive 10 of the very first MUDCRAP-CE
> certificates signed by myself.  Now that's a hot deal!
> Merry Christmas, or happy holidays if you don't celebrate.
> P.S. I'm *not* promoting or affiliated with the site.  I think it's mildly
> amusing.
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