[Mongrel] What I Want For Christmas

Zed A. Shaw zedshaw at zedshaw.com
Mon Dec 25 01:53:30 EST 2006

Calling All Mongrel Minions!

I wanna have some fun and would like this as a Christmas present.  The site http://www.workingwithrails.com/ has this lame popularity system that's kind of irking some of the main Ruby contributors.  I think it's kind of funny, but would like to demonstrate what an army of motivated people can do to these kinds of popularity contests.

So, as a present to me, I'd love for everyone to go vote for me on the site.  If you can, use fictional or historical characters for your profiles to add to the chaos.  The goal is to put me so far ahead of everyone else that they have to reset the system.  It's a Chaos Christmas Calamity!

You can recommend me by just clicking:


Or, do it by going to:


And clicking the difficult to read link in the gray box that says you like me (you really like me!)

To sweeten the deal, I'll take all the people who contribute to the mayhem and put them into a lottery to receive 10 of the very first MUDCRAP-CE certificates signed by myself.  Now that's a hot deal!

Merry Christmas, or happy holidays if you don't celebrate.

P.S. I'm *not* promoting or affiliated with the site.  I think it's mildly amusing.

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