[Mongrel] Spawn mongrel on demand

François SIMOND curio at free.fr
Sat Dec 23 14:30:03 EST 2006

Hello Zed !

Do you knows or plan a way to spawn mongrel processes on demand ?

I'm studying options to build an affordable but solid shared hosting

You wrote something very promising in your "NEXT STEPS",
A combination of the '"mostly C version' and the mongrel_cluster
replacement would be an elegant method to save much RAM on servers
(until Rails is thread-safe).

FastCGI implementations for Apache are good at this.
Similar features (min-max processes, idle time before stopping a
process, zombie check) for mongrel would be enjoyable :)

.. just like inetd many years ago ;)

 Francois Simond
 Paris on Rails 2006 Speaker : "High availability hosting for ruby on rails"

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