[Mongrel] mongrel_service-0.3.1 problems - service will not start

Ball, Donald A Jr (Library) donald.ball at nashville.gov
Thu Dec 21 13:49:06 EST 2006

Hey, I just finished a round of testing my app with mongrel-1.0rc1
(pretty good, four segfaults and a gc error in maybe ten thousands
requests) and was moving on to mongrel_service to see if it could cope
with said segfaults and gc errors. Sadly, the service will not start. I
installed using:

mongrel_rails service::install -N nplrails -e development -p 3000

claims to be happy. When I try to start either via "net start" or the
services control panel, windows says that the service started and then
stopped immediately. I saw nothing interesting in the windows
application event log, or in c:\sites\npl\log for that matter. The
service reports its command-line as:

"c:/ruby/bin/mongrel_service.exe" single -e development -p 3000 -a -l "log/mongrel.log" -P "log/mongrel.pid" -c "C:/sites/npl" -t 0
-r "public" -n 1024

which looks appropriate to me. Any suggestions for how to correct this
problem? Many thanks.

- donald

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