[Mongrel] [ANN] Mongrel 1.0 RC1 Full Win32 Build

Michael D'Auria michael.dauria at gmail.com
Tue Dec 19 23:44:03 EST 2006

Hey Zed,

I'm excited for Mongrel 1.0 final!  I do have something i ran into before
and still is occurring with the new version.  When i run into a 500 based
error i seem to get header information as output when using mongrel:

Status: 500 Internal Server Error
Content-Type: text/html

<!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01 Transitional//EN">

I still get the appropriate page as i should, i just get the header info
before the page output.  I remember you telling me that Rails is sending
back the error and page this way, but is there something that can be done so
this is not shown?

.: Michael :.

On 12/20/06, Zed A. Shaw <zedshaw at zedshaw.com> wrote:
> Hello Minions!
> It's *finally* here.  Mongrel 1.0 RC1 for everyone to test, even the win32
> folks.  I managed to get everything to build on windows, including
> fastthread, and even cleaned up the "releases source":
> http://mongrel.rubyforge.org/releases/ so that it should install
> cleaner.  Win32 will have to try and report problems, as it seems rubygems
> is real finicky on win32.
> UNIX Install with:
> $ gem install mongrel --source=http://mongrel.rubyforge.org/releases
> WIN32 Install with:
> $ gem uninstall mongrel
> $ gem uninstall gem_plugin
> $ gem uninstall fastthread
> $ gem install fastthread --source=http://mongrel.rubyforge.org/releases
> $ gem install mongrel --source=http://mongrel.rubyforge.org/releases
> $ gem install mongrel_service --source=
> http://mongrel.rubyforge.org/releases
> If you have problems with fastthread then skip it, it's optional on
> Win32.  The win32 process is more involved because there hasn't been a
> stable release of it for a while now.  That's why you have to remove
> everything you can and then re-install.
> *** Make sure that gem_plugin is version 0.2.2 or the whole thing
> dies.  ***
> If you have problems installing any of this then add a / to the end of the
> source:
> $ gem install mongrel --source=http://mongrel.rubyforge.org/releases/
> Yes, that's retarded, blame the rubygems folks.
> You can view the ChangeLog for this latest release "in the releases":
> http://mongrel.rubyforge.org/releases/ChangeLog directory like
> normal.  This ChangeLog covers everything done since 0.3.18 but it's in
> svn log format so only read it if you're really uptight.
> And as usual, report any bugs.  I'll be posting instructions on using the
> new mongrel_service when I get them from Luis.
> Before you go off installing this thing in your production servers because
> you missed the RC1 identifier, remember that RC means "Release
> Candidate".  Test it to death, use it, report bugs, but only a fool installs
> it in mission critical situations without fully testing it.
> If nobody has any problems with this release then it'll go out on Friday
> as the official 1.0 release.
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