[Mongrel] running mongrel in production on win32

Ball, Donald A Jr (Library) donald.ball at nashville.gov
Tue Dec 19 12:15:58 EST 2006

> Sure. Actually, I have a problem to report already... 
> sessions are not working when I start mongrel in this 
> fashion. Is there somewhere i should be configuring session 
> behavior that I'm not?
> To be more specific, the browser doesn't report a session_id 
> cookie in its cookie list. The server-side code happily 
> stores objects in the session, but the session is empty on 
> the next request.
> For the record, both webrick and mongrel started via 
> script/server have working sessions.

The problem turns out to be fairly simple, but it's beyond my capability
to fix. The problem is that mongrel is only passing one and only one
cookie on to the user. If that's _session_id, great, but if it's one of
the other cookies that I'm creating, the user's session is lost.

To be clear, I'm using mongrel-0.3.18 from Luis. Note that I was
incorrect when I said the problem didn't occur when mongrel is stared
with script\server. Mongrel has this problem regardless, while webrick
works fine.

- donald

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