[Mongrel] Using a network drive to share files between Mongrel/Rails instances...?

Kris Leech krisleech at interkonect.com
Mon Dec 18 05:30:17 EST 2006

I have a Apache proxying to a number of Mongrel's on different physical 

What I need to do next is share files between the Rails instances. I am 
creating dynamic files which will be created by Rails and stored on 
disk. The file is then recovered and served at a later date by an ajax 

But because of the proxying the ajax call my be routed to a different 
machine. Therefore I am considering setting up a shared drive to which 
all Rails instances will save the files. At the moment I am working on 
Windows but this will be Linux or FreeBSD in the end... I'm guessing 
shared drives are simply paths in both cases.

Is there anything I need to consider with this method?

Many thanks, K.

PS. I am aware of other methods for doing this eg. sticky sessions and 
some kind of message que, and I am open to suggestions :)

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