[Mongrel] mongrel_cluster: selective restarts

Kaspar Schiess eule at space.ch
Mon Dec 18 03:52:45 EST 2006

Hi list,

I have tried to reach Bradley (author of mongrel_cluster) by mail, but 
have not gotten a response. So I'll try trough this channel:

I have 'developed'[1] a small extension to mongrel_cluster that allows 
selective restart of any one listener in a configuration that contains 
more than one listener by using a command like

  mongrel_rails cluster::selectivestart -c config.file -p 3000

This will try to find a listener on port 3000 in the configuration given 
and start it (selectively).

This is super useful in a monit controlled environment, where a rule 
could now be:

  start program = "mongrel_rails cluster::selectivestart -C 
mongrel_cluster.yml -p 3000"

Of course, I have a stop action, too.

Now the question: Bradley, if this reaches you, are you interested in 
including this into mongrel_cluster? Or should I just go ahead and 
release this independently? Is anyone interested in this?

best greetings

[1] By using Apple C, Apple V mostly...

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