[Mongrel] running mongrel in production on win32

Ball, Donald A Jr (Library) donald.ball at nashville.gov
Fri Dec 15 13:58:11 EST 2006

> On 12/15/06, Ball, Donald A Jr (Library) 
> <donald.ball at nashville.gov> wrote:
> > Hey guys, I'm running the mongrel server that comes with 
> rails-1.2rc1 
> > for development on a winxp box, anticipating taking it into 
> production 
> > on a win2k3 box in the next few weeks.
> Ok, which version of mongrel is bundled with rails-1.2? 
> Please list the gems you have installed, because, AFAIK, 
> script\server will only load mongrel if the gem is found.

I'm using mongrel-, the latest publicly available
mswin32 gem, along with mongrel_service-0.2, though I'm not using the
service in development. I tried to install 0.3.19 but got odd
compilation warnings when I did so and the server failed to start.

> You are starting it using mongrel_rails or script/server?


> > I've had a couple of crashes
> > occur during development that give me pause, however. I 
> made a ticket 
> > for the last one here:
> >
> > http://dev.rubyonrails.org/ticket/6841
> That bug seems weird, also unrelated to rails but Ruby itself.

So you believe I've run into a bug in ruby-1.8.4-mswin32? Looked to me
more like an unhandled exception in activesupport, but the rails folks
seemed to think that was not the case.

> Lastest mongrel_service gem provide what you need, if somehow 
> the ruby process die (due a unhandled exception) the service 
> will automatically spawn a new one.

I'll give that a whirl, thanks! Would the log files indicate when/if
this occurs?

> There is no way (yet, still need to test some things) to 
> monitor deeply if the ruyb process hang and not die.
> The mongrel_cluster base his "magic" on daemonize, which requires
> fork() and isn't compatible with win32.
> Its planned for mongrel_service to provide this 
> functionality, maybe during january.

If I can help in this endeavor in any way, please let me know. I'm a
beginning ruby developer, but I've been doing web development for time
out of mind and I have a copy of visual studio 2003 if needed for

> Will be very helpful if you provide more information about 
> your database (and version), mongrel, rails, ruby and windows 
> version to we could get a better picture of your situation.

Sure thing. I'm using mssql2k with the ADO driver, mongrel-,
rails-1.2rc1, ruby-1.8.4, winxpsp2 (but will be deploying to win2k3). I
am using RMagick with file_column, though the crashes have not (yet)
occurred while testing that portion of the application.

> Regards and good weekend,

Thanks for your help and for your work in providing rails folks with a
potentially workable solution for win32 deployment! It would not be my
choice for a production environment, but it's out of my hands.

- donald

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