[Mongrel] running mongrel in production on win32

Ball, Donald A Jr (Library) donald.ball at nashville.gov
Fri Dec 15 11:02:13 EST 2006

Hey guys, I'm running the mongrel server that comes with rails-1.2rc1
for development on a winxp box, anticipating taking it into production
on a win2k3 box in the next few weeks. I've had a couple of crashes
occur during development that give me pause, however. I made a ticket
for the last one here:


I know, or at least believe, that mongrel isn't responsible for these,
but I'm curious if or how folks maintain stable production services
relying on mongrel on win32. If installed as a service, does the service
restart cleanly if the mongrel instance crashes? (I've seen reports to
indicate this is not the case.) Am I just asking for trouble pursuing
this as a production environment? Is the mongrel_cluster code ready for
primetime on win32 yet?

Thanks for any tips. Cheers.

- donald

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