[Mongrel] Early morning strange error saying: Status: 500 Internal Server Error

Erik Morton eimorton at gmail.com
Fri Dec 15 10:17:10 EST 2006

Have you ruled out the MySQL connection timeout issue?

On Dec 15, 2006, at 10:01 AM, Matthew Whittaker wrote:

> So I have updated to the latest mongrel and fastthread and my
> environment is as follows:
> Debian 3.1
> Rails 1.1.6
> Ruby 1.8.5
> Mongrel 0.3.18
> Fastthread 0.4
> Mongrel Cluster 0.2.1
> Apache 2.2.3
> I again woke up this morning to my disappointment of seeing the
> strange Status: 500 Internal Server error. It happens the same every
> morning, I have three mongrels running, two give the error, one
> processes the request successfully.
> This error is not being reported in ANY logs.  Apache, Mongrel debug,
> rails, nothing.  The only thing I notice while tailing the logs is
> that the request reaches mongrel and is reported in both rails.log
> and threads.log, however the request is NOT being reported in ruby /
> rails production.log.  This appears to be craping out in mongrel.
> Again this only happens overnight when there is no activity with the
> site.  PLEASE HELP.  Is there any way to take a core dump of mongrel?
> How can I get more logs to see what is happening.
> Regards,
> Matt Whittaker
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