[Mongrel] Does send_file act differently with Mongrel than withWebrick?

Luis Lavena luislavena at gmail.com
Thu Dec 14 12:26:43 EST 2006

On 12/14/06, mongrel_users at homerlex.mailshell.com
<mongrel_users at homerlex.mailshell.com> wrote:
> I tried the mime thing but it did not help.  I didn't think it was that because I can get the mp3 served OK hitting the URL in a browser.
> I just noticed that I am getting an error in Mongrel when WinAmp make the request for the mp3 file:
> BAD CLIENT ( Invalid HTTP format, parsing fails.

Ohhh, bad client!

Often that means the application (in this case, winamp) didn't create
a valid, compliant HTTP header/request and mongrel decided to protect
you, your server and your investment on this "revolutionary"
technology dropping the connection.

There was some user scenario that IE created bad URL request and
mongrel dropped them too, so check back in the mailing list or try
using the beta/prerelease gem I build for win32.

(I suggest this because you're using 0.13.3, and a lot of things
happend since then).


> I don't think Mongrel has a problem with the URL itself because if a browser requests the same URL it succeeds:

You're right, is not (directly) mongrel's fault, but Winamp in this case.

> "GET /playlist/play_track/0%3A720913 HTTP/1.1"
> Any thoughts on this?

As suggested above... try with the latest build and please drop some
feedback if that help you.

> Regards
> > On 12/14/06, mongrel_users at homerlex.mailshell.com
> > <mongrel_users at homerlex.mailshell.com> wrote:
> >> Mongrel
> >> Windows XP
> >> Rails 1.1.6
> >>
> >> I have a rails app that serves up mp3 files via the send_file command.  We create a playlist (M3U) with URLs to the mp3s.  These play just fine using Windows Media Player.  However using WinAmp we get an error "error syncing to stream" when it tries to request the mp3.
> >>
> >> After playing around I found that if I am running Rails under Webrick WinAmp is able to retrieve the mp3s just fine.
> >>
> >> Does anyone have any idea what the problem is when using Mongrel?
> >>
> > Maybe I'll sound too stupid, but default mime types in WEBrick cover .mp3 files.
> > Maybe you aren't using a mime.yml file with mongrel?
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