[Mongrel] [SUMMARY] max upload size? (was: compress and max upload size?)

Xavier Noria fxn at hashref.com
Sun Dec 10 05:03:18 EST 2006

Aleksandar Lazic and I spent a couple of hours on the IRC yesterday  
night playing around with different configurations.

We were comparing the setups discussed in this thread: Apache 2.2.3 +  
mod_proxy_balancer + mod_deflate versus Nginx, both servers proxying  
dynamic pages to 3 Mongrels. The test page is a dynamic page,  
requested hundreds of times with ab:

   ab [-k] -t 60 -c 5 -H 'Accept-Encoding: gzip' URL

Both servers run on the same machine, alternatively as needed.

We got much better performance than before in Nginx increasing the  
worker processes and disabling buffering in the proxy  
(proxy_buffering off). In Aleksandar's machine that raised the speed  
to almost 17 req/s, versus almost 19 req/s of Apache (always in mean,  
a couple of runs, you know). Compression level was the same in both  

If we disabled compression both Apache and Nginx served that page at  
about the same speed, 11 req/s, so looks like the small difference  
comes from the usage of zlib somehow. Aleksandar has already written  
to the Nginx mailing list about it.

-- fxn

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