[Mongrel] compress and max upload size?

Aleksandar Lazic al-mongrelusers at none.at
Sat Dec 9 06:01:17 EST 2006


On Don 07.12.2006 21:54, Xavier Noria wrote:
>On Dec 7, 2006, at 7:03 PM, Xavier Noria wrote:
>>    LimitRequestSize 102400
>This should read LimitRequestBody, and still looks like it does not
>affect to requests proxied to Mongrel. Which is the way to set the
>limit Apache + mod_proxy_balancer + Mongrel Cluster?

Do you mean this Option?


If it doesn't work with mod_proxy_* then it could be a bug in apache,
how about to ask on http-user list?

Hth ;-)


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