[Mongrel] windows service auto start problems

Luis Lavena luislavena at gmail.com
Fri Dec 8 19:34:44 EST 2006

On 12/8/06, Kevin Olbrich <kevin.olbrich at gmail.com> wrote:
> I actually had a worse experience recently. Partly of my own doing.
> Win 2003 small business server.
> 1. installed instantrails
> 2. At one point configured apache to monitor port 3000 in an aborted
> attempt to set up proxying.
> 3. gave up on apache for the moment, but got a mongrel_service running
> monitoring the same port
> 4. started getting segfaults from mongrel (run in debug mode to see them)
> 5. updated some other software and restarted
> Server hung during the login process and never allowed me to sign on.
> After some digging I discovered the problem, I think.
> Instant Rails was set to startup and run Apache, which captured port 3000
> The mongrel service started and tried to capture the same port, but
> couldnt.  So it failed, and because I had it set to restart the
> service, this just kept going around in circles.
> Had to login in safe mode and deactivated the mongrel service.

There some changes I'll implement to mongrel_rails to actually log
something in log/mongrel.log about ports already taken. That way you
could "see" why the service failed to start...

> FWIW, I still get segfaults with mongrel as a service (but not if run
> directly).  Haven't researched it enough to file a bug report yet.

That's because you're using mongrel_service 0.1.0, which is based on
win32-service and currently (guess still will show problems) just
crash due mixing of green threads and Service Control Manager

The new implementation solves this using a standalone, precompiled
binary that just "fire" mongrel_rails in its own ruby process, no more
hacking of gem_plugins crashing the service.

That also allow me code the cluster implementation, but is delayed due
rework on ServiceFB framework.

> On 12/8/06, Mark Roghelia <mroghelia at topsailtech.com> wrote:

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