[Mongrel] windows service auto start problems

Mark Roghelia mroghelia at topsailtech.com
Fri Dec 8 16:20:40 EST 2006

I have a small Rails app deployed on Windows Server 2003 and Mongrel  Everything works well, except when the Windows box is  
rebooted.  I have mongrel_service installed and the service is  
configured to start automatically, however Mongrel consistently fails  
to start after a reboot.  Windows reports the service's status as  
"Started", but attempts to access the app fail and checking Task  
Manager reveals there is no ruby process running.  If I manually stop  
and start the service at that point everything comes up fine.  I  
don't see anything of note in any of the log files in the Rails "log"  
directory, or in the Event Viewer.

Has anyone else seen this kind of behavior?  If so, do you have any  
suggestions about how to work around it?

I understand that work is currently being done to retool  
mongrel_service.  Is this possibly a known issue and something that  
is being addressed?


Mark Roghelia

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