[Mongrel] [SURVEY] MIME types questions for Mongrel 1.0 RC1

Bob Hutchison hutch at recursive.ca
Thu Dec 7 08:24:45 EST 2006


On 6-Dec-06, at 5:19 PM, Zed A. Shaw wrote:

> 1) Should Mongrel support a larger set of default mime types?

I think so, as long as it is easy to both add new mime types and  
override the whole thing. At the start of a project I don't really  
want to be worrying about configuring stuff like mime types, and I  
can't really imagine who would be wanting to worry about stuff like  
that early on. After a bit of development this can become more  
'interesting' to think about, at which point tweaking or overriding  
would be necessary.

> 2) What should those defaults be?  Post a YAML file somewhere so I  
> can compare the various answers.

Something correct, and by that I mean something that works. Using  
Apache's would be a good shot at something that works.

> 3) What should be the default mime type if a file doesn't match?


> 3a) Where do you get this default?

Well, my understanding is that this is meant to be the default. But  
in truth, it is the only thing that makes sense in practice... I  
think trying to figure out something clever to do in the default  
situation is a really bad idea.

> 4) Would anyone object to Mongrel moving the default mime type list  
> into a YAML file in the source tree that it loads?  **You'd still  
> be able to override like normal.**

No.... Okay, why might we object?

> 5) If your favorite web server does it a particular way, do you  
> actually think this is the real standard or just what that web  
> server does?

:-) Well I don't know about favourites, but practically speaking,  
whatever Apache does might as well be a standard.

> 5a) Do you think this default could be improved on depending on the  
> situation?  Think development vs. production deployments.

No. Please don't do that! I really don't like behaviour, especially  
behaviour that affects a user, changing when switching from  
development to production.

> Being the most vocal or ranting will get your votes discounted.   
> Keep it rational and support it with external evidence, not  
> rhetoric.  People can go round in circles forever over something  
> this idiotically simple.
> I'm indifferent BTW, just annoyed at more work on mime types so I'd  
> like to put it to rest once and for all and make whatever seems to  
> be the most popular as the mongrel policy.
> Finally, if nobody has an opinion then I'll just leave it as-is in  
> order to get Mongrel 1.0 RC1 out.

That's fine with me.

> Thanks for your time.
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