[Mongrel] Debugging high CPU with Mongrel

anjan bacchu anjan.summit at gmail.com
Wed Dec 6 19:26:46 EST 2006

> directory.  When you reach 10-100K files in a single directory you
> may notice the slowdown without a stopwatch.  NetApp's own file
> system was designed to have a constant access time regardless of the
> number of files in the directory (that was their claim to fame anyway).
> Bottom line is that I wouldn't assume that a directory with 10K+
> files is not the main reason for your performance degradation.
> Hope this helps,
> Konstantin
Hi Konstantin,

   You're right on.

Dallas  :    ReiserFS is designed to perform well in such a situation of
having a lot of small files in the same directory. Can you switch to
ReiserFS ? If not, can you switch to memcached ? Are you expiring your
sessions ?

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