[Mongrel] [SURVEY] MIME types questions for Mongrel 1.0 RC1

Kyle Kochis kylekochis at gmail.com
Wed Dec 6 18:27:58 EST 2006

On 12/6/06, Zed A. Shaw <zedshaw at zedshaw.com> wrote:
> I need people to answer a survey super quick for the next little release of Mongrel.  Basically, nobody ever agrees on mime types, especially defaults, which is why Mongrel has none and you set your own.  Sometimes people just refuse to set their own and want Mongrel to do everything for them, but if that happens then people will complain about the defaults.
> Damned if I do, damned if I don't.
> So, let's put this to the test:
> 1) Should Mongrel support a larger set of default mime types?
No-ish.  I say no for a similar reason that Nick said yes. If people
need some weird mime type for files then they should be able to add
those but I think the majority of people just need the basics. Perhaps
there are a few other types that would be nice to have in the list as
well but I don't see the point in having a large list when so many
people will never use it. That said, if mongrel adopts the Apache list
(or something like it) I won't belly ache.
> 2) What should those defaults be?  Post a YAML file somewhere so I can compare the various answers.
> 3) What should be the default mime type if a file doesn't match?
> 3a) Where do you get this default?
RFC 1521, by virtue of it being mentioned as the primary subtype. -
Quoted from Nick
> 4) Would anyone object to Mongrel moving the default mime type list into a YAML file in the source tree that it loads?  **You'd still be able to override like normal.**
no objection. i like the idea.
> 5) If your favorite web server does it a particular way, do you actually think this is the real standard or just what that web server does?
My favorite web servers are currently mongrel and nginx. I am happy
with the way mongrel does things for the most part. I am not a fan of
nginx's obvious preference of certain linux packaging mimes in their
list but it doesn't bother me either.
> 5a) Do you think this default could be improved on depending on the situation?  Think development vs. production deployments.
I don't see a real need to make them different. If I need to change
something, I will depending on the situation anyways.

Zed, personally I don't think you need to worry too much about people
not liking mongrels mime types. If someone needs to add/remove/edit
anything in the list, they will and chances are that most people won't
need to. If there comes a time when a mime type gains popularity, then
sure, add it but I don't think you should bother yourself too much in
making every niche group happy and having a huge list.

Kyle Kochis

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