[Mongrel] [SURVEY] MIME types questions for Mongrel 1.0 RC1

Ezra Zygmuntowicz ezmobius at gmail.com
Wed Dec 6 18:23:06 EST 2006

On Dec 6, 2006, at 2:19 PM, Zed A. Shaw wrote:

> 1) Should Mongrel support a larger set of default mime types?

Yes I think this would be very useful. In production most of the  
extra mime types are not needed because a front end web server  
handles most filetypes. But in dev mode its nice to use plain mongrel  
and still be able to serve different media types and such.

> 2) What should those defaults be?  Post a YAML file somewhere so I  
> can compare the various answers.

Here is the default set of mime types for nginx. I have been running  
with these on a lot of sites and haven't had to add one yet


> 3) What should be the default mime type if a file doesn't match?


> 3a) Where do you get this default?

it  is the default for nginx and lighty.

> 4) Would anyone object to Mongrel moving the default mime type list  
> into a YAML file in the source tree that it loads?  **You'd still  
> be able to override like normal.**

please go for it.

> 5) If your favorite web server does it a particular way, do you  
> actually think this is the real standard or just what that web  
> server does?

The list of mime types linked above has served me well on close to  
100 installs without needing additions.  I am not certain if it  
varies compared to whatever is considered standard. I don't know what  
the authority on mime types for webservers is.

> 5a) Do you think this default could be improved on depending on the  
> situation?  Think development vs. production deployments.
I am not really sure. I think application/octet-stream is good  
default as long as it can be over-ridden then it should meet  
everyones needs.

Thanks Zed-

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