[Mongrel] mongrel install on win32 XP problems

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Wed Dec 6 12:37:22 EST 2006

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> > I have an MSDN subscription. Send me a solution file and build
> > instructions, and I will try to build it with VS.Net 2003 (VC 7.1) or
> > VS.Net 2005 (VC 8), or if you give me a day, VS.Net (VC 7).
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> > Will
> You don't need a solution file.  The gem should build from source just
> fine with VC 7.  Or, you can download the zip file and do "ruby
> extconf.rb; nmake; nmake install".
> I'm not so sure about VC 8, since I don't think Ruby itself builds
> successfully with VC 8.

VC8 (Express 2005) will not build any ruby extension without tweaking.
Thats due the manifest need the me included in the assemblies.

(Don't ask me about that, was a loooong topic on the ruby-talk about
this and make ruby compile fine under VC2005).

You need to build ruby with VC8 (to link against msvcrt8.lib/dll) for
successfully compile the extensions.

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