[Mongrel] shared hosting for an ISP

Brandon Keepers bkeepers at gmail.com
Wed Dec 6 12:34:51 EST 2006

A hosting company has contacted me and is interested in providing  
Ruby on Rails hosting for their customers.  They provide both  
dedicated and shared hosting.  I know there are a lot of shared hosts  
that support Rails, but most of them (that I've seen) are using  
mod_fastcgi, or a similar setup.  I'm curious what people think about  
accomplishing this with mongrel with Apache 2.2.

I'm thinking I could use some capistrano tasks or extend their web  
interface to manage the mongrel and apache configurations.  Each user  
has jailed SSH access, so I could just run the mongrel processes as  
that user.

Does anyone see any issues with this setup?


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