[Mongrel] Mongrel and Mongrel Cluster Library LoadErrors

Phillip Novess ompan at mac.com
Mon Dec 4 13:48:00 EST 2006


I'm a noobie to Rails and even more to mongrel. I have an issue with  
one server that I've installed mongrel. Its a Fedora Core 5 box, and  
it is having problems loading the Oracle OCI8 libraries.  However,  
this only occurs when I use mongrel_cluster, or mongrel with out the - 
d switch.  I have no problem using the library from the commandline  
and with Webrick or mongrel whn I use the -d switch.  The other  
perplexing thing is I have mongrel_cluster working on another server  
that runs Fedora Core 4. I upgraded that box with Fedora Core 5 and  
it still works correctly.  But the other server is a clean install of  
Fedora Core 5 and no joy.

Does anybody have an idea what to check or add so that this will work  
correctly? I suspect permissions or environment variables are the  
problem, but how would I know?


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