[Mongrel] stability

Joe Ruby joeat303 at yahoo.com
Fri Dec 1 02:16:02 EST 2006

> Also, try to avoid RMagick processing inside rails. 
People love their file_column, but RMagick is a fat
nasty pig that cripples many sites without warning. 
The optimal setup is use something like BackgrounDRb
or a plain DRb server and use a batch processing

I don't use file_column, but do use RMagick and
haven't had any problems (and its author has been
helpful with support). But I also only allow admins to
use it. 43Things resizes images on the fly -- not sure
if they use rmagick, but with all their users and all
those images, it's gotta bump up the cpu and memory
requirements quite a bit.

Joe Ruby
"Believe nothing, test everything!"

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