[Mongrel] Ruby+Apache2.2+ProxyLoadBalance ...... +PHP??

Jean Verger jean.verger at gmail.com
Thu Aug 31 23:23:35 EDT 2006

(this mail was sent yesterday with a weird subject that I can't locate
regarding running PHP+Ruby: the php app/files are under the same folder
where the rubby applications are. So therefore, I guess, they are also under
the same virtual host.
I have tried and it is true that if they are running under a different
virtual host there is no problem.

I guess the php code is being send to the mongrels ... wich don't expect php
code (but rather ruby) and give it back as plain text ... wich ends up being
what I see in the browser. Could I define the same virtual host twice?  once
with proxy (straight to the mongres dealing with ruby) and other one without
the proxy ... to let Apache take care of PHP?

Hi Philip,thanks for your reply ... your PHP files are under the same folder
as the Ruby code? I'll research on what is RewriteCond and RewriteRule ... I
was trying to work something out with the FilterFiles (or something like
that ...)



On 8/30/06, Jean Verger <jean.verger at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi,
> I just realice that I can't run php code anymore once I installed my dear
> mongrels (under an Apache Proxy Balancer).
> I'm just trying to run the clasic phpinfo() in the following file
> /var/rubyapp/public/phpinfo.php ... but instead of being executed the code
> is being displayed as plain text ... This is the ouput :))
>             <?PHP phpinfo(); ?>
> anyone can give a hint please on how to have Ruby and PHP code under
> Apache  Proxy  Balancer?
> thanks  a lot ,
> Juan
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