[Mongrel] Rails Deployment Book

Wayne Conrad wconrad at yagni.com
Thu Aug 31 12:40:42 EDT 2006

On Thu, Aug 31, 2006 at 03:44:35PM +0100, Dave Murphy wrote:
> What other topics would you like to see covered in such a book?

More than anything else, what to do when things go wrong.

This comes in two parts:

The first is a concise overview of the model...  of how the pieces
interact.  For example, what does pound do when the server it is
talking to times out?  Without a model in your head, diagnosing
problems is just guesswork.

And the second part:

What do the experts do when it doesn't work?  Which log do you check
first?  What do you do to learn more when the log doesn't make the
problem obvious to you?

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