[Mongrel] mongrel_upload_progress problems

Brad Ediger brad at bradediger.com
Tue Aug 29 13:07:53 EDT 2006

What is the status of the mongrel_upload_progress gem and Rails? I  
have been playing around with _why and technoweenie's code but I'm  
not sure what is current and what is old. It is not working for me.

I am running Mongrel (gem) with mongrel_upload_progress 0.1.  
My upload URI is /agronomics/sample_cycle/upload, and my progress URI  
is /agronomics/sample_cycle/progress. I have the following in  

uri "/", :handler => Upload.new(:path_info => "/agronomics/ 
sample_cycle/upload"), :in_front => true

It appears that the uploads are not properly being tracked. The  
Mongrel::Uploads singleton looks like this on each call to progress:

#<Mongrel::Uploads:0xb79921b8 @counters={}, @guard=#<Mutex:0xb799217c  
@locked=false, @waiting=[]>>

The lack of @counters seems to indicate that the upload is not being  
tracked properly.

My progress controller function looks like this:

def progress
   (render :update do |page|
     page.upload_progress.update @status[:size], @status[:received]
   end and return) if @status = Mongrel::Uploads.instance.check(params 
   render :text => Mongrel::Uploads.instance.inspect

I am definitely willing to experiment, but I don't have enough  
knowledge of Mongrel to know what I am looking at. Can anyone offer  

Brad Ediger
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