[Mongrel] restart - `exec': Operation not supported

Joe Ruby joeat303 at yahoo.com
Mon Aug 28 20:52:41 EDT 2006

Here's what I get:

~/rails $ which mongrel_rails

~/rails $ cd /opt/local/bin/

/opt/local/bin $ ./mongrel_rails 
Usage: mongrel_rails <command> [options]
Available commands are:

 - cluster::configure
 - cluster::restart
 - cluster::start
 - cluster::stop
 - restart
 - start
 - stop

Each command takes -h as an option to get help.

I have been using just 'mongrel_rails' (with no path)
in my Rails root dir. It starts and stops fine, just
not restart.


Try the command

Jason-17% which mongrel_rails

And then just cd into the rails application directory
and try


to see what happens (rather than using the full path
to the build  

- Jason

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