[Mongrel] mongrel logging on win32 platform and win32 service

linux user fanoflinux at gmail.com
Thu Aug 24 18:32:57 EDT 2006

On 8/24/06, linux user <fanoflinux at gmail.com> wrote:
>  Hi All
> I am using  version and since there is no logging support for
> win32 application. I was wondering if it was possible to get any kind of
> logging at all.
> I have tried to these two options
> 1. Stream redirection using "mongrel_rails start -c C:/myspace/snapshot -p
> 4111 -t 70  -e production -P log/mongrel-1.pid > C:\temp\mongrel-1.log"
> The console print the output stream and the mongrel-1.log file shows no
> content except the content generated after I kill the server with Ctrl-C.
> 2. win32 service "mongrel_rails service::install -N snapshot1 -c
> C:\myspace\snapshot -p 4111 -e production -t 70". Now ofcourse the -l
> (log_file) option can't be used so where do I see the output/error logs??
> So I am basically lost on a very simple thing.
> Please help
> -daya

oh BTW

I also tried separate output and error stream redirections using "2>
myapp2.log 1>myapp1.log" but both these files donot get any content until
and unless mongrel gets interrrupted by Ctrl-C which mean that all the
stream content is being kept memory. This is a big problem and I don't know
how to solve it.

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