[Mongrel] MongrelCluster - How can I make a request to a specific mongrel instance?

Kirk Haines wyhaines at gmail.com
Thu Aug 24 11:44:52 EDT 2006

On 8/24/06, Scott R Brittain <sbrittain at kalivo.com> wrote:
> In our app we've a number of singleton ruby classes that cache static data
> in hashes, things like
> string values, system config params, etc).  In a webbrick environment this
> works ok, but we find
> in production we have a problem because we have 4 caches, one for each
> mongrel instance.
> This also isn't a BIG problem, but our cache.reload() methods are kinda
> useless now, because
> we can't direct this call to a specific mongrel/rails instance.

Keep a local cache.  Every minute or five minutes or whatever ask a
master cache shared via drb if it has changed, and if it has, update
the local cache from it.

Kirk Haines

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