[Mongrel] Excessive CLOSE_WAIT sockets, pound

John Butler imtall at gmail.com
Wed Aug 23 14:47:09 EDT 2006


I'm experiencing a strange, but very bad behavior with Mongrel and Pound 1.8. Every 6 hours or so one of our nine (not
consistent on which one) application servers ( each one running
several mongrel processes ) will start leaving lots of socket
connections with pound open. This leads to "Too many open files"
errors. I've set pound to close connections after 60 seconds ( after
doing analysis of our Rails logs and finding that all requests end
under 60 seconds, and only 0.12% take over 1 second ). Pound closes
these, but mongrel apparently isn't getting the message and I end up
with rapidly increasing socket connections on the app server all left
in CLOSE_WAIT state ( which is when the remote end, pound, closes the
connection, and the OS is waiting for the app, mongrel, to close it on
its end ). Before setting Pound to kill these, one app server could
effectively take out our web server, because of "Too many open files".
The plagued app server still responds, and has low load, CPU usage,
and memory usage. I can even access the mongrels on their individual
ports. Nothing ( I could see ) shows up in the mongrel log and the
Rails logs all show it completing requests in a very timely manner.
Therefore I don't think its a code issue or resource issue. But it's
very odd and disturbing.

One other person (
) had a similar problem with lighttpd and FastCGI, so I'm not sure if
the problem is Mongrel or maybe just Ruby. That person just set up
something to restart the plagued FastCGI processes, and that's what
I'm doing for Mongrel right now.

Has anyone else had this problem? Is there something I can do to fix
it? Thanks for any insight.

Thanks so much!

-John Butler

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