[Mongrel] Mongrel crashes - bad doggie

Kaspar Schiess eule at space.ch
Wed Aug 23 03:00:34 EDT 2006

Hi Zed,

Thanks for the quick answer.

> That's super deep in the ruby interpreter.  My thinking is that you've
> just run out of ram and this is what happens to ruby when a malloc
> fails.
> Try out the latest pre-release to see if you still have the lock-ups:
>   sudo gem install mongrel
> --source=http://mongrel.rubyforge.org/releases/
I am now running the prerelease. I will keep you posted on what I find 
or not. Since this is a pretty hard to trace bug/problem (except that we 
both suspect its because of low ram), I can't promise any results.

> But the ram problem is only solved by adding more ram or swap.
> http://www.netadmintools.com/art1.html
I have enough swap, but it seems that I can't ever use all of it, since 
the ram is very scarce (128mb).


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