[Mongrel] Multiple mongrels for one app

Kaspar Schiess eule at space.ch
Tue Aug 22 16:04:54 EDT 2006


I'll have a shot ;)

> If I have one rails application running, one processor I'm running it  
> on, and mongrel is multi-threaded, why should I have more than one  
> mongrel running?
Mongrel might be internally multi threaded, but it only serves one 
request at any given moment. So all your web users will have to be 
serialized through this rather small .. tube.

By setting up load balancing via pound to a few mongrels, you can take 
better advantage of your CPU, running things in parallel.

Large-scale rails applications are deployed this way, mostly on more 
than one machine even to distribute the load across many CPU's and disks.

Hope that explains...

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