[Mongrel] Problem with: service mongrel_cluster start

Drew Raines drewr at pobox.com
Mon Aug 21 12:31:55 EDT 2006

Nathan Donaldson wrote:

> Starting all mongrel_clusters...
> /usr/local/lib/ruby/site_ruby/1.8/rubygems/custom_require.rb:21:  
> command not found: mongrel_rails cluster::start -c sonar_radiant.yml
> mongrel_rails cluster::start returned an error.
> I can see what is happening, it is calling mongrel_rails  
> cluster::start -c config_file_without the directory.

No, "command not found" is being reported by the shell that
runs mongrel_cluster_ctl from /etc/init.d/mongrel_cluster.  You
need get mongrel_rails into its PATH.  Try something like:

  ln -s `find /usr/local -type f -name mongrel_rails 2>/dev/null | head -1` /usr/local/bin

> It should say:
> mongrel_rails cluster::start -c /etc/mongrel_cluster/sonar_radiant.yml

The path to the config file doesn't need to be fully qualified.
mongrel_cluster_ctl changes to CONF_DIR before executing the


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