[Mongrel] BAD CLIENT, Invalid HTTP Format - Firefox, IE, etc..

Steve Spigarelli spig at spig.net
Thu Aug 17 22:02:41 EDT 2006

I'm not sure what's happening so I'll try and explain what I know.

I am getting the error "Thu Aug 17 20:01:57 MDT 2006: BAD CLIENT
(xx.xx.xx.xx): Invalid HTTP format, parsing fails."

I'm running mongrel from gem source, and running on a Macbook Pro.

I am running rails in development mode and if I switch to running
webrick, all requests come through as normal and return valid

So, the only problem I have is using a windows machine to access
portions of the site.  So far, I can consistently reproduce the
problem in Firefox 1.0.7.  I also can reproduce this in IE.  One
windows machine is a Parallels VM with a base, Win XP system.  The
other had Zonealarm firewall, but I have disabled that due to the
thread that mentioned Mcafee security center.

So, what are some ideas and is it possible that I am missing something
critical that I have overlooked?

Thanks for any help,

Steve Spigarelli

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