[Mongrel] Avoiding sudo when starting/stopping mongrel_cluster

kigsteronline at mac.com kigsteronline at mac.com
Thu Aug 17 21:45:16 EDT 2006


I apologize for newbie questions, but I am setting up capistrano and  
mongrel_cluster for the first time on Linux RS2.

During "cap cold_deploy" from a development machine to a production  
box, I see the following:

** transaction: commit
   * executing task restart
   * executing task restart_mongrel_cluster
   * executing task stop_mongrel_cluster
   * executing "sudo mongrel_rails cluster::stop -C /data/apps/blurby/ 

I am running remote user as special application user, not root.   
Since mongrel cluster does not need privileged port, I would prefer  
if I didn't need to use SUDO to start/stop the cluster.

Is there a way to remove "sudo" from the above command and run  
cluster as application user?

Thanks for any input,

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